Great Information About A Health Technology Called Infrared Saunas

I was recently asked to review a local company from San Diego. They sell an interesting health product called a far infrared sauna. While I didn’t know what it was at the time, I soon found out that this can be very beneficial to your health.

Instead of me going on and on about what this technology does, I thought it would be more fitting to share a few links with you – so you could further investigate them and see if it may be something you’re interested in.

For what this health sauna claims to do, it is well worth the investment if you purchase one from the right company. But, be warned they are certainly not cheap.

Here is some interesting research I turned up – mostly excerpts from a leading expert:

Far Infrared Sauna vs traditional sauna…

Which heats up quicker?
Which has more healing benefits?
Which costs more to operate?
Which is simple to assemble?
Which can be moved without the help of an electrician?
Which is faster and easier to clean?
Which will probably cost you unnecessary money in the future?

Get these answers and more…

Infrared Sauna vs. Traditional Sauna which is better?

I discovered this debate has been going on for some time now.

My opinion is — it’s a matter of choice. But, having researched this market, my opinion may be biased at this point.

Here’s my take:

Below are seven quick differences that (in my opinion) make the far infrared sauna a wiser investment:

Heats up quicker — easier to breathe – and longer sessions equal more healing benefits!

1) In less than 15 minutes, a high-quality fir sauna is ready to go. As stated on this infrared sauna Twitter page by an expert named Glen Porter.

He also says a traditional sauna, sized properly, will heat in around 25-45 minutes.

Infrared saunas achieve the same benefits (and more) at a far lower operating temperature. The temperature for a traditional sauna typically ranges between 150 and 185º F. In the United States, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) dictates that the maximum temperature at ceiling level is 194º F (90º C).

So claims that a traditional sauna exceeds 200º F is simply not true.

A ”true” far infrared sauna is usually set between 120 and 140º F. – depending on “quality”.

But, unlike a traditional sauna, the goal is not to achieve an extremely high temperature. It’s to laser-direct the healing infrared rays so they penetrate the object (you) at a much deeper level.

Certainly sweating will occur using either sauna type. What’s very different between the two, is the method that is used to heat your body. In a fir sauna you will feel hot – you will sweat profusely – but at a much lower temperature.

Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air inside the room – making it much harder to breathe fir saunas don’t.

The reason?

In a traditional Finnish/hot rock sauna – the heating element (an Incoloy rod) heats the surrounding air (not your body directly). This type of heating makes for a very hot environment. In my opinion, only salt and dirt from the top layer of your skin is sweated out when using this type of sauna. It simply doesn’t have the true penetrating power.

The opposite is true in the latter, the heat is so laser-targeted, it penetrates your body much deeper offering even more healing values.

You’ll also be able to enjoy baby-bottom-skin – the releasing of toxins – weight loss – and many other major benefits more. Why? Because you’ll be able to stay in for longer sessions. Compared to traditional saunas where you reach a point quickly where you’re gasping for air. Pretty logical actually.

Which will save you more on your electric bill?

2) Traditional saunas cost more to operate. However, electrical costs are a direct reflection of heater size and operating time. Most traditional saunas will cost you about 50 cents per hour. A typical infrared sauna consumes about the same amount of power as a vacuum cleaner. Realistically it will cost you about 10 cents per hour to run a two person unit.

So, running a traditional sauna will cost you more. And, my thinking is, why spend more than you have to for fewer health benefits?

As a comparison, say the two different saunas get used four times per week — 1 hour each session.

Traditional Sauna: Around $96.00 per year.
Far-Infrared Sauna: Around $19.20 per year. A $76.80 savings per year.

And, I have NOT included the money (and time) you waste waiting for a traditional sauna to heat up before you can use it. So your savings could be double or triple that.

40 minutes to assemble a high quality far infrared sauna –
Most traditional saunas will take a few days or more

3) FIR units come primarily as pre-fabricated panels that snap or screw together. They are a breeze to assemble. Traditional saunas can take many hours – leading up to a few good days to install properly.

Infrared saunas are also much easier to move and reassemble in a different spot. Traditional saunas are not.

Watch this video see Glen Porter put one together quickly:

You can also see some quality pictures on his infrared saunas Facebook fan page as well.

4) Infrared saunas are elegant, and you can install them just about anywhere. Traditional Saunas are usually bulky and require massive amounts of space to fit the very large stove. Traditional saunas also require special electrical work. FIR saunas plug into any outlet.

5) Traditional saunas require a dedicated breaker. Electricians are not cheap. Even if you go this route, and later decide to go through the hassle of moving a traditional sauna to another location, you’ll have to call the electrician back out.

Which sauna is easier to clean and requires less maintenance?

6) A traditional ‘wet sauna’ involves very high humidity levels that are a breeding ground for the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. In my opinion, far infrared saunas stay much cleaner. But, the truth is, neither are that difficult. You just have to keep a watchful eye when using a traditional sauna regularly.

The sauna that will break down more often:

7) High-quality infrared sauna heaters are guaranteed for life! Because you’ll be adding water to a Finnish-traditional sauna, be expecting a lot more wear and tear. Prepare yourself to spend money on replacement parts in the future.

Bonus Difference:

Surfaces in a traditional sauna reach such high temperatures, they can easily cause burns. That’s beside the hot rocks!

Because of the harsh operating conditions in a traditional sauna, a sound system or TV for you to enjoy while relaxing, is out of the question. With an infrared sauna, you can chill out to jazz, country, or your favorite TV show. They also come with a reading light so you can enjoy a new novel or your favorite monthly magazine.

These are just a few of the differences. I used the traditional/Finnish sauna as a comparison in this article because most people are familiar with them. I would encourage you to compare the two. Also check out the links in this article. The expert named (Glen Porter) really knows his stuff and can cut your learning curve way down like he did for me.

Losing Weight With Infrared Saunas

Use The Infrared Sauna To Burn Fat
Use The Infrared Sauna To Burn Fat!

When it comes to losing weight, a huge number of people have tried a huge number of things. There are so many different diet plans, diet supplements, exercise programs, the list of things goes on and on.

Add to that list… saunas. To be fair, using saunas to lose weight is not a bad idea. It’s well known that forcing the body to sweat helps burn off fat.

These days, infrared saunas are becoming the new craze in health technology. A traditional sauna uses ambient heat and steam in order to super heat the room. It tends to get up to temperatures anywhere from 180 degrees to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the heat of the room, it pulls sweat out of the body.

An infrared sauna, by contrast, only gets anywhere from 90 degrees to 120 degrees. It may not get as hot, but due to the way infrared heat works, it actually heats the body from the inside out. This forces the sweat out, instead of pulling the sweat out.

It also releases harmful toxins!

This may seem like an odd distinction to make, but it makes all the difference. However, you need to invest in a really good FIR sauna to start with in order to get all the benefits. There are critical things to look at. Such as wood and heater types. Be sure to check out my far infrared sauna reviews page on this website for more details.

Traditional saunas make you sweat, but they don’t get deep into the body.

That means the heat is only affecting you on a surface level. Since the heat is only affecting a surface level, you have to stay in a sauna much longer in order to get a proper fat burn. This makes it hard to breathe. Many people simply can’t do it.

However, with an infrared sauna, the heat actually gets inside the body. That means the heat is permeating your entire body, which forces the fat within the body to begin melting down.

It may also seem as though hotter would be better. In truth, fat starts becoming water soluble at a mere 100 degrees. That means extra heat only serves to make things hot, and forces you to spend less time in the sauna then you would otherwise spend.

A traditional sauna actually keeps you from burning as much fat as you could!

Quite frankly, a traditional sauna is only good at being hot. And it’s not even especially good at that. Because the heat runs from the outside in, your skin begins to get hot far sooner than your inner body. This means that you can’t quite get as comfortable as you’d like. If you’ve ever spent long periods of time in a sauna, then you already know how it feels when your inner body is chilly but your skin is feeling uncomfortably hot.

Far infrared saunas may seem like the new technology fad, but the simple truth is that they’re better in almost every way than the traditional sauna. They’re better for your body, they’re better for losing weight, and they’re more comfortable over all. If you’ve been looking for a great way to lose some extra weight, then you should be looking at spending some time with this specific technology. The fantastic fat burning heat will go a long way to helping you burn off that excess fat.

Stop Exercising... Use The Infrared Sauna!
Stop Exercising… Use The Infrared Sauna!

Far Infrared Sauna Reviews Info

Are you looking into purchasing a sauna anytime soon? If so, you will want to make sure that you are making a wise purchase.

The key to being able to ensure this, is by looking at various far infrared sauna reviews. In this article, we will be going over some of the reasons why you are going to want to check out reviews before making a final decision.

Reasons To Look At Far Infrared Sauna Reviews:

Far Infrared sauna Reviews

1. Satisfaction Percentage.
The first reason to look at many are to see how many people that have purchased the sauna are completely satisfied. This is going to give you a lot of good information that you could use about the specific company. You will end up being able to see how many customers are completely satisfied with their purchasing decision and how many customers are not satisfied. This alone should provide you with a good amount of information that you can use in order to help you make a good purchasing decision yourself. If other consumers are predominantly happy with their purchase of a Far infrared sauna, then it is very likely that you will as well.

2. Quality.

Another good reason to check out several different companies is because you are going to be able to get a feel for the quality of the actual product before you even get your hands on it. This means that you are going to be able to figure out whether or not it is made up of quality materials. Obviously, if a sauna is not made up of quality materials and most customers do not like the quality of the actual sauna, the chances of you liking it are going to be very slim.

Again, you’re listening closely to what other customers have said. You’re looking for unbiased opinions.

3. Price.

Another good reason to look at different reviews is so that you are able to figure out the pricing of the product(s). You will be able to figure out quickly whether or not the pricing of the product is good or bad. Customers will be able to tell you whether or not the product is worth what they are asking for. This is going to help you find the best possible product at the best possible price.

You don’t want to overspend, that’s for sure. But, you don’t want to buy something that is unacceptable and will only cause you headache down the road.

As you can see, there are plenty of different reasons to look at reviews of Far infrared saunas before you actually make your purchase. You should be able to find the best possible products being offered and you will not have to waste your time or money on products that are not worth it.

By doing this, you are going to be able to successfully figure out which products to choose and which ones not to. You will also be able to find out the best price on the various products. Lastly, you are going to be able to figure out what kind of quality you can expect when you are trying to find the best far saunas on the market.

I found a great video for you that goes into much more detail. Be sure to watch it:

Enjoying The Benefits Of Infrared Saunas

When it comes to your health, the chances are good that you are always looking for new ways that you can eat, live and breathe healthier.

Most people already know that sweating is a natural body process that is both a way that you can burn calories as well as help you to get rid of some of the unwanted toxins that might be present.

However, if you are injured or unable to exercise for one reason or another, how are you able to build up a good sweat to bring out all of these impurities?

You may have already heard of or experienced a traditional sauna. However, there are more and more people today that are enjoying the many benefits of infrared saunas.

Just like a regular sauna, the far infrared sauna work to assist your body as it releases toxins, including environmental chemicals, lead, mercury and more. Moreover, there are more benefits that come along with using this specific technology. When enjoying this relaxing daily experience, you also have the ability to improve your circulation, purify the pores of your skin, lose weight, and relieve some of the unwanted pain that you may be experiencing.

<center>Relax In A Far Sauna!</center>
Relax In A Far Sauna!

Therapy using infrared saunas allows for relaxation through a balance in the level of cortisol in your body, which is the primary stress hormone. The heat that is produced also works to relieve tension while relaxing all of the muscles in your body. For many people, this can be a simple way to unwind and get rid of a lot of the pressure and tension that they are feeling.

Maybe you are someone who is dealing with a lot of joint or muscle pain. If so, you should know fir saunas have the ability to soothe while breaking down the inflammation that you are experiencing. At the same time, you will have better circulation as your muscles relax, which has been shown to promote a sense of well being unlike many of the other treatment options that you will find today.

Believe it or not, a simple 30 minute session can actually help you to burn about 600 calories. Your core temperature increases, which will slightly elevate your heart rate naturally. This is the same type of increase that you get when you are working out. Because your body then has to work harder to lower your temperature at the core and to keep up with the increased heart rate, you end up burning a decent amount of calories.

But, I have to stress this once again. You have to buy a high quality far infrared sauna to get these kind of results.

It is usually recommended that a person start off with a shorter sessions in the beginning. You can then start working your way up to sessions that last anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes. With access to this on a regular basis, you will be able to see a tremendous amount of benefits including a fresher, revitalized circulatory system and the ability to rid your body of toxins.